Moving on…

This week we have had shuffle up day and met our new teachers! It was really exciting! In our new classes we have been making stained glasses  windows! It was lots of fun!

Today we have started to research our country for sports day. We are going to be Japan! If you could do any research at home about Japan that would be awesome!!!


Have a great weekend!


Adams Class.

school trips


IMG_1892IMG_1947IMG_1898 IMG_1927IMG_1955This week we have been really excited with our school trips. On Tuesday the year ones went to Burleigh gardens and had an amazing time exploring with year 1/2.

Then on Thursday Reception went to Hamerton Zoo park an had an awesome time! There is no other ay to describe it! On both trips the children demonstrated exemplary behaviour and showed off just how proud they were to be part of Windmill! Well done Adams!!!

seeds and science…

Over the last couple of weeks we have been planting a range of different seeds and plants. Already lots of our cress and beans have grown!!! we have also planted pumpkins and sunflowers which we hope will grow very soon!

Evie said she “really liked planting stuff because i like the flowers when it grows!”

Skye said “it’s really exciting because we have had so much fun. We need to water them to help them grow!”

Jaxon said ” we needed some soil to put the seed in a plant pot and then you have to water it then they will grow!”


Such a lot of learning! Please comment below if your child tells you anything about their seed planting! :-)

Bye bye chicks!

Well how quick did the last 2 weeks go? Our eggs arrived , they hatched we had chicks and now they have had to leave us already! In the short space of  2 weeks they grew so much and were already trying to fly away. josh said he feels sad and is missing the chicks so all the children wrote them a letter.


image1 image2



Elliot wrote a lovely letter to the chicks he felt sad that he missed them.


Evie said The chicks have gone but they were lovely to have – bye bye bye chicks!


The year ones have also made us all super proud as they have written some amazing stories this week and shared them with Reception! Super grown up independence year 1!!


Such a lot of learning!

Wow what an amazing few weeks we have had in Adams class! So much learning has been going on!

In reception we have found out so much about animals, all the children know what nocturnal and hibernate means!

In year one we have been studying mammals, birds and amphibians and we are now well and truly experts!

We also had an amazing assembly this week, the children put so much into it and I’m sure you will agree they were fantastic! What super loud voices they had!

We look forward to receiving your comments…

Have a great weekend!

Welcome back!

Welcome back!!! i hope you had a great holiday! Our new term has got off to an amazing start as usual with our fun packed wow days!

Shea said ” we have been learning about animals and based our learning on Noah’s ark. It has been great fun!


Jayden said “in year one we have been learning about animals and made our own out of paper mache!”

In reception we made them from salt dough!

Evie said “she is very excited to be doing our adams class assembly soon!”

marc would like to share his amazing knowledge ” people are mammals and they have warm blood. ”


Until we have more time next week speak to your child about the amazing time they are having!

Little Red Riding Hood comes to Windmill..

This week we have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood.

Emily has done some great writing and said “I used all my sounds in my writing!”

Jaxon said “I’ve worked hard at my writing this week!”

the year ones have done some great learning about Healthy living and really enjoyed their learning!


Please share any home learning with us!


Good afternoon and welcome back to Adams class blog! This week we started our new term wow days with sweets on the floor – who had visited our classroom???

We had varied answers including Mr Messy Mr Coleman and a monster!

Eventually Skye said it was Hansel and Gretel! This started our theme with making gingerbread houses and decorating them with sweets.  Jessica said they were Yummy!

Jayden would like to say how much he has enjoyed it and did some amazing writing!!!


Please comment on what you have been up too! Have a great weekend!